New power in appearance

Rebranding for DigitalStrom

Kunde: DigitalStrom

Branche: Building automation

Agenturleistungen: Brand management, brand analysis, brand strategy, communication strategy, workshops, positioning, corporate design, space, text, editorial design, event

Swiss company DigitalStrom, a leader in smart solutions for the building and construction industry, has undertaken a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The goal is to prominently highlight their innovative Smart Home solution, which operates without additional cabling and utilizes the existing power lines. WACHTER PARTS was responsible for refining the logo and crafting the tagline “Power the Line” to emphasize this unique selling proposition. Early implementations of the new brand include appearances at B2B trade fairs, as well as digital and traditional marketing campaigns.
Digital Strom Erscheinungsbild mit Farbwelt, Typografie, Icons, Logo und grafischer Linie

The existing logo was optimized, with the figurative mark now reminiscent of a sine wave curve. The wordmark’s spelling was made more reader-friendly, and the typography was modernized for a contemporary feel.
The spelling of the word mark was made more reader-friendly and the typography modernized.

Typografisches Banner mit der Aufschrift: Rausreißen oder smart machen.
The powerline technology is visually represented as a striking graphic line. Combined with eye-catching headlines, it serves as a recurring element in the B2B campaign.
Typografisches Banner mit der Aufschrift: Schlitzt du noch oder klemmst du schon?

The distinctive “Powerline” and its striking color scheme are used at all touchpoints.

At trade fairs, Digital Strom presents itself in a striking, modern, and unprecedented manner. The new brand image provides an opportunity for many discussions with customers and generates positive feedback. In addition to the headline campaign, the visual of a house, surrounded by the visualized powerline, is established as a key visual at trade fairs.

We are proud winners of the German Brand Awards 2024!


We are proud winners of the German Brand Awards 2024!

Rest in Peace, Slot Cutter – The Powerline technology offered by Digital Strom renders traditional tools obsolete and figuratively puts them to rest.
Aufgeschlagene Broschüre
For electricians, who also serve as advocates for Digital Strom, there are special partner programs that include attractive discounts, a cashback system, and certificates for successful Power Partners.
Power Set
Power Partner Broschüre
Digital Strom Website auf Laptop & Handy
The website has been completely overhauled both in terms of design and technology. New features make it easier for sales staff to generate leads using smart tools.