A company’s pricing policy is by far the most important factor in generating profits. Why is that? Let’s assume you manage to raise your prices by 1% without any loss of sales, then you can enjoy an average profit growth of 11%.

But why does this seem so difficult for most companies? The challenge is to correctly classify and position the product on the market. In doing so, we must not only include regionally different willingness to pay in our considerations.

The digital transformation is opening up a wide range of opportunities for customers to compare prices and services and to obtain the desired product/service internationally across borders. Flexible pricing is therefore becoming increasingly important not only for offline but also for online sales channels in order to secure a competitive advantage.

The experts at WACHTER PARTS support you in bringing your marketing strategy and pricing policy into an innovative harmony.

Our projects deal with the following main topics:

  • National and international pricing
  • Innovative pricing and revenue models
  • Pricing strategies for products, services, business units and companies
  • Pricing KPIs
  • Price determination and design
  • Condition systems, discounts for channel partners
  • Price negotiations