Our marketing seminars and workshops

Know-how and impulses for your company
Knowledge and inspiration for marketing and communication in practical seminars for specialists and managers.

The dynamics in marketing and communication pose many questions for you as the person in charge. Where do I set priorities? Which technologies are relevant for me? What’s changing at Google and on social networks? How can I use opinion leaders? How important is content marketing for us? How do I find fresh input? And: How do I still reach my target group in the media jungle?

To help you get a big step closer to the answers, the leading minds at WACHTER PARTS their knowledge directly with you now – with a new kind of intensive seminar: WACHTER PARTS Brain Wash, the knowledge and inspiration infusion. Our interdisciplinary specialists are now charging you intensively with fresh ideas and new ways of thinking in our seminars.

Book a seminar and take valuable know-how and practical impulses back to your company:

  • Management of the training by the top people of WACHTER PARTS (Management and specialists)
  • Multiple speed sessions for customized, actionable creative approaches appropriate for your business positioning
  • Analysis of current inspiration cases from around the world (across media from classic, digital and e-commerce)
  • Current status of digital platforms and networks
  • Coaching on content marketing/content strategy, also with regard to Google and Facebook visibility
  • Key technological, communications trends and media usage behavior
  • Customer perception and behavior in your markets

The seminar will not only address core marketing issues and current developments. The industry-specific requirements of your company are also part of the holistic concept. The weighting of the main topics takes place in consultation with you.

Comprehensive knowledge

The power of marketing

Developing a holistic strategy and an end-to-end marketing concept is a challenge for any company. But a cross-media and interlocking concept is crucial. Learn how to implement your marketing strategy and make future-proof decisions.

Customer behavior online

Online marketing is ubiquitous and offers great potential. However, due to the variety of options, profitability is becoming more of a focus. Because especially with search engine marketing and social media, it’s all about target group-specific communication on the right platforms.

Regional brand concepts

Regional companies have to hold their own against national companies and online stores in order to retain customers in the long term. Learn how to position yourself as a regional brand, as a so-called “local hero” and which measures you can use to establish yourself at the location.

Identify and leverage trends

In this fast-moving world, it is difficult to identify the most important trends and use them for your own corporate strategy. Learn how to identify trends that are viable for the future and use this to inform your company’s marketing strategy. Be one step ahead with your advertising concept.