Your strategy is crucial for your success! And as a successful entrepreneur, you need to know your business segment inside and out.

Who are my competitors? What are my USPs to gain additional market share now and in the future? How do I translate my USPs into increasing growth, revenue and profit? And how can I defend what sets me apart from the competition in the long term and successfully establish myself in the market?

We can help you answer all these questions and probably many more.

In many different consulting projects we have already developed creative ideas and found innovative, new ways which have helped our clients to a stronger competitive position. How did we do that? By adopting a partnership approach at eye level. We do not only look at your company as a neutral consultant but also take your side, understand your company from your point of view.

Through our many years of experience, we know how important it is to understand our customers from a business perspective in order to design strategies that secure competitive advantages and find solutions that can actually and successfully be implemented.

Our main topics:

  • Monetization strategy and development of revenue models
  • Competitive strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Product and brand strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Service strategy
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Market entry and defense strategies
  • Scenario planning for different market conditions
  • Market due diligence