In times of digitalization and an exponentially increasing number of marketing channels, it is becoming more and more important for CEOs in all industries to use marketing in an even more targeted, individualized and effective way. Marketing is obviously all about the brand, creating a brand experience that is unique and believable, that has lasting appeal in the minds of customers.

The experts at WACHTER PARTS support you in making the use of your marketing budget visible and success measurable. With cleverly thought-out strategies based on many years of project experience, we help you answer the question of return on marketing investment.

To demonstrably increase marketing effectiveness and efficiency, a deep understanding of B2C and B2B customers is needed as a foundation. Who belongs to my customer segment? What does this customer want and what is important to him? What is the best channel to reach my customers? Which offers are the most interesting? How can I present my product in the most sales-promoting way possible?

In order to not only find answers to these and many other questions but especially to improve your marketing competence, we offer our expertise in the following topics:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Product positioning
  • Customer Journey Management
  • New product and service management
  • Marketing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Customer retention and loyalty programs